Glossa is a private language school which offers outstanding but, at the same time, affordable Swedish courses.
Our courses are designed for motivated participants who want to make swift progress.

The courses are intensive and are intended to utilise students' time in the most effective way possible, for everyone from beginners to advanced students.
The experience and competences of our teachers in specific fields of language teaching are taken into account in our course organisation which ensures optimum results.
Glossa aims at providing effective and target-oriented language training that is designed for the individualized needs of the students. We focus on practical language usage, which is based on active participation of learners. Students are given both oral and written tasks and work with teachers, in pairs and in groups.

It is our aim to take up impulses and ideas from our groups. Moreover, we want to make a contribution to the development of new forms of classroom work and exercises in order to enrich existing language teaching methodologies. Our enthusiastic and creative teachers focus both on content and variety.

The most important for us is of course that our students really like the programe. Since we started up Glossa we have had about 500 participants from 54 different countries. Many are coming back: about 30% of our participants are here for the second, third, or even fourth time, or they are coming because they have been recommended Glossa by former participants. We are very happy about this!