Other course material was "very creative. Useful games and exercices."

Our course material not only includes textbooks but also cassettes, videos, films, music and Swedish literature, as we believe that language training should go hand in hand with the acquisition of knowledge about Swedish society and culture.

"Varied things during lessons i.e. listening to radio news, reading articles made lessons attractive."

If you want to study on your own after our classes you can borrow books of literature, even for beginners, and textbooks. Here you can also find Swedish newspapers.
If you want to continue study Swedish after your stay in Sweden we are happy to help you to find the most appropriate textbooks.


We take care to choose the right course material for each group and we use as well our own material and other text books and teaching aids as needed.

We follow continuously the publication of new textbooks in order to constantly have a big choice of updated course material.