Prior Swedish language competence

Objectives of level 2 (level B1 of the Common European Framework of language assessment).

Course description

Participants work with authentic text material comprising both technical texts within several subject areas and fiction, the aim of which is to enrich their vocabulary and provide a deeper insight into Swedish society and culture.
The material forms the basis for oral and written language training. Group and individual activities cover a variety of linguistic registers in order to enable participants to express themselves in a wide range of situations.
Moreover, the course aims at improving and deepening the participants' knowledge of grammar.

Course books

Stämma möte, Hellström (loan)
Andra övningsboken i svensk grammatik, Hellström
(included in the course price)


Enabling students to express themselves correctly and understand others in conversations and discussions.
Writing reports and descriptive texts, presenting subjects and arguments in written form.
Enabling participants to read newspapers, modern fiction, technical texts and other authentic material without major problems.
Understanding the essence of radio and television programmes.
Being able to follow lectures and discussions, even in cases where Swedish is spoken quickly.
Command of the main rules of Swedish grammar.

These objectives correspond to level B2 of the Common European Framework of language assessment.

Language test

Please register for the level that corresponds best to your competence level.
ll students will also have to pass our language test, which is designed to evaluate students present language competence and group students accordingly.
After we have received your application, a language test will be sent to you via e-mail.