Uppsala is the fourth biggest town in Sweden, situated only 45 minutes by train from Stockholm. Here you find the oldest university in Northern Europe and nowadays there are more than 30,000 students which makes Uppsala a genuine university town.

Uppsala has a rich offer of culture and history where the Cathedral and the Uppsala Castle make the silhouette of the town.
Other buildings of cultural and historical importance are for exampel Carolina Rediviva with one of the most outstanding libraries in Sweden and Gustavianum from the 17th century with its anatomical theater, once in time the university main building.

Glossa’s course take place close to the university park surrounded by the Gustavianum, the University building and the Cathedral.

In central Uppsala you also find the Linné garden with the Linné museum and opposite the Castle you have the Botanical garden, a baroque garden from the middle of the 18th century.

If you want to discover more about history you can visit Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) which is not situated far away from modern Uppsala. Here you are on historic ground with the famous mounds from 5th century. Already in the 8th century this was a political and religious center for the vikings with a residence for the king and a pagan tempel.

Uppsala is also a perfect town for those who are interested in different sports. Swimming, golf, riding, just to mention some activities. You can paddle in the Fyris river and there are several kanoe-routes.
The forest is not far away from the city which offers you possiblity for longer or shorter hikes.
By bike you can easily reach several lakes with nice beaches for bath and fishing.