Do you need Swedish language for your work?
Do you work with Swedish people and you want to know more about their language and country?
You don't have the possibility to learn Swedish where you live?
Do you have Swedish roots and want to renew the contact with the country?
Do you have Swedish relatives or Swedish background?
Do you have Swedish friends?
Do you plan to work or study in Sweden?
Do you want to have an enriching holiday?
Do you want to learn a new language?
Do you want to discover a new culture?
Are you interested in Sweden and its culture?
Are you curious?

Then you have several reasons to learn Swedish with us. We address us to all between 18 and 80 who are interested to learn Swedish. No matter what your reasons or other participants' might be, the key word is motivation. Then everything goes faster and you can immediately see which are the progress you make.

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